Venue: Indian Institute of Management, Indore                              August 9-11, 2005

Theme: Intelligent Decision Making: Emerging Strategy for Global Winners




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Guidelines for Speakers and Session Chairs

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Guidelines for Speakers

You are requested to adhere to following guidelines:

a)  There will be LCD and overhead available for presenting your paper.

b)  If you plan to make a PowerPoint presentation, please bring transparency slides as a backup. We have seen at several conferences that PPT files simply do not often open up!

c)  Plan to be in the session at least 5 minutes prior to the commencement of the session and introduce yourself to the Session Chair.

d)  You are encouraged to bring hard copies of your paper (30-40 copies recommended) for distribution to the audience. There is no facility to make copies or overhead transparencies.

e)  The session chair will divide available time to all speakers equally. Please allocate five minutes of time allotted to you for question-answers and use the rest of the time for presentation.

f)   It is really critical that you stay within the time that is allocated for your presentation in order to keep the program on track.

g)  The session chair is in full control of the time management. Please respect his/her directions.

h)  Enjoy the Conference!

Guidelines for Session Chairs

You are requested to adhere to following guidelines:

a)  Please read the guidelines for speakers given above.

b)  Please be in the session at least 10 minutes before the session.

c)  Please ensure that all equipments are working.

d)  If there are any PowerPoint presentations, load the files on the computer system and ensure all files are opening.

e)  Before beginning the session, divide the available time equally among all speakers that are present. Each speaker should be requested to finish his/her presentation within allotted time including about 5 minutes for question-answers.

f)   Welcome the speakers and audience to the session at the beginning of the session.

g)  Introduce each speaker briefly as he/she is invited to make the  presentation. The introduction should be limited to the speakerís name, his/her affiliation, and title of the paper.

h)  Give a signal to speakers two minutes before the time he/she is expected to finish the presentation.

i)   If a speaker goes beyond the allotted time, do not hesitate to close the presentation abruptly. It is important that the session is finished within allotted time to keep programme on track.

j)   Papers should be presented in the order they appear in the programme schedule.

k)  Thank the speakers and the audience at the end of the session.

l)   After closing the session, fill in the session report, and submit it at the reception.

m)  Thank you very much for chairing the session. Have fun!

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