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Welcome to the Tenth International Conference on Operations and Quantitative Management (ICOQM-10) jointly organized by  Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nashik, India  (www.siom.in), AIMS International-The Association of Indian Management Scholars (www.aims-international.org), and International Forum of Management Scholars (www.infoms.net). The conference is also supported by International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management (www.ijoqm.org), the HBCU Business Review (www.infoms.net/ijm.html) and AIMS International Journal of Management. The theme of the conference is: Building World Class Operations Management: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities.


Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management

The Conference will be held at the campus of Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nashik, India. It is the only institute in the country that is focused exclusively on Operations Management. The institute is a part of Symbiosis family of institutes, one of the largest private Educational Trusts in India. It is located about 185 kms.  away from Mumbai and 220 kms. away from Pune.

   SIOM aims to deliver the managerial competencies of broad-based knowledge, multi-disciplinary skills and positive attitude to the diverse industrial and business sector on a sustainable basis. It conducts research projects with the industries located in the vicinity. SIOM offers Master in Business Administration (Operations Management). It is a full time residential course offered to the engineering graduates.


Nashik has mythological, historical, social and cultural importance. The city is situated on the banks of the Godavari River, making it one of the holiest places for Hindus all over the world. Nashik has a rich historical past, as the mythology has it that Lord Rama, the King of Ayodhya, made Nashik his adobe during his 14 years in exile. At the same place Lord Laxman, by the wish of Lord Rama, cut the nose of "Shurpnakha" and thus this city was named as "Nashik".

   Known for its beautiful and picturesque surroundings, flourishing valleys, Nashik is home to many vineyards and orchards. Today, Nashik is rated as one of India's fastest growing cities. The city saw a fast uplift of development from 2002 with malls, , infrastructure, educational institutions etc. Nashik is known for its pleasant and cool climate, picturesque surroundings, high standard of living, greenery and well-developed infrastructure.

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