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Previous Conferences

Sixth AIMS International Conference on Management

IBA, Greater Noida, India


Fifth AIMS International Conference on Management

IBS, Hyderabad, India


Eighth International Conference on Operations and Quantitative Management

Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand


Fourth AIMS International Conference on Management

IIM, Indore, India


Seventh International Conference on Operations and Quantitative Management

Rajasthan University, Jaipur, India


Third AIMS International Conference on Management

IIM, Ahmedabad, India


Sixth International Conference on Operations and Quantitative Management

IIM, Indore, India


Second AIMS International Conference on Management

IIM, Kolkotta, India


Fifth International Conference on Operations and Quantitative Management



First AIMS International Conference on Management

IIM, Bangalore, India



Feedback on Previous Conferences....


I was so impressed by the organization of the conference, the diversity of participants and their expertise in the various fields. The conference was a great success. - Marielle Patronis, Zayed University, UAE


Let me say thank you for all of your efforts during the conference. All of my colleagues send deeply feelings to you and your colleagues for that glorious and high quality conference. - M. Hossein Yarmohammadian, Dean of Medical Management and Information Faculty, Isfahan university of Medical Sciences, Iran


The arrangements were excellent.- Dolphy Abraham, Loyola Marymount University, USA


Very good conference… Samia Massoud, Al Ghurair University, UAE


I participated in ICOQM-V in Seoul and found the conference to be well organized with an excellent mix of plenary and parallel sessions. The whole event was conducted in a very friendly and comfortable environment. I also enjoyed the company visits organized at the end of the conference. - Anders Thorstenson, Logistics/SCM Research Group, Aarhus School of Business, Fuglesangs Allé 4, DK-8210 Aarhus V, Denmark


If I should describe in one word my personal experience from attending the past ICOQM, it is terrific. From organisation, paper contributions to venue, there is quality. - Nelson Oly Ndubisi, Monash University Malaysia


We have been cooperating with Indian Institute of Management, Indore, India since 2003. First within First AIMS International Conference on Management  (AIMSiCOM), December 28-31, 2003, and two years later during Sixth Int. Conference on Operations and Quantitative Management (ICOQM-VI), August 9-11, 2005. We can give you only a positive feedback from individual conference topics. They present the extent of problems that must be faced and solved by management today. The individual subjects represent an insight into solution of the topical problems of today. The publication of topics on CD ROM enables exchange of experience among professionals from different national economy environments. The conference organisation is on a very good international level and uses modern organisation means. - Gustav Tomek, and Vera Vavrova, Czech Technical University in Prague


Excellent conference!  Opportunities such as this for viewing the research of others, identifying opportunities for collaboration with scholars from around the world, and simply enjoying the intellectual stimulation of outstanding plenary and technical paper sessions are so important to the advancement of the profession.  My deepest thanks to the conference organizers for allowing me to participate in this inaugural event. - R. Wayne Headrick, MBA Director, New Mexico State University, USA


I found AIMS International conferences to be the excellent forums for exchange of research ideas with national and international scholars.  These are the essential conferences to be attended by management scholars, thinkers and practioners to know the latest developments around the world and in India in the areas of business and economy. - T Mallikarjunappa, Mangalore University, India


The themes dealt with in the AIMS conferences have been timely and resulting into the meaningful professional implications. - Harish Kumar, Institute of Management, India

I personally feel in a conference conducted by AIMS, all of us participants should feel it is our own activity and responsibility. I attended AIMS 3 and AIMS 5 and I feel happy about them and the interaction with faculty members both from abroad and India is valuable. I appreciate the organisers of the conference for their service to the community. - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao, National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai


It was a memorable experience for me in attending the AIMS-6 conference in December, 2008. Not only did I get an opportunity to listen to the latest developments in the domain of management research, I also made some very valuable friendships with reputed academicians! - Deepak Kapur, Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad, India


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say hello to you, and all the other scholars coming to the Incredible India, specially to the beautiful city of Jaipur. ICOQM conferences are always fun to go to academically and otherwise, specially having the opportunity to meet a dedicated and competent professional like doctor Gupta. May God bless you all. - Ahmad Reza Raeisi, Medical University of Isfahan, Iran


I have attended more than three AIMS confrences in the past and I found the arrangements execellent with lot of scope for enhansing the knowledge. The conferences are attended by a large number of management scholars from India and other countries providing a good opportunity to meet and interact with professionals. I wish all future conferences the best and complimnet the organizers. - Dr (Lt Col) Mohan Kotwal,Professor and Head Marketing, I.M.E.D.,Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune, India


I have attended last two conferences one in IIM-Indore and other in IBS Hyderabad both were very good in terms of paper presentation and general arrangements. - Rajneesh Khare, Asia-Pacific Institute of Management Studies, New Delhi

The conference was an excellent platform to enlarge and enrich my knowledge horizons and blessed me an opportunity to share ideas with world class scholars in the field of Quality Management. It was truly a fascinating and scintillating experience to be with such scholarly professions in the field of Quality Management. Sir, the above expressions are factual rather than mere statements. - P.C.K. Rao, NIILM CMS, New Delhi


I attended few of your ICOQM conferences. I admired your systematised and flawless organised way since from communicating information on conferences until completion of the programme. I can rate all your arrangements for conferences are beyond SIX SIGMA level. Please mail me the e-brochure on ICOQM-7 immediately. I would like present few papers in the conference. - R. Chandrasekaran, Jansons School of Business, Coimbatore-641659


It has always provided an opportunity to interact with the professionals from both academic and industrial world and to obtain the overview of the progress in the field. - Vivek Patkar, Professor, The ICFAI Business School, Mumbai


I have attended previous ICOQM Conferences and confront with strong scientific ideas, genius researches, professional organization and acceptable facilities in international events. I shall seriously recommend and encourage scholars, researchers and also graduate students to joint these conferences and face to novel ideas and experiences in "Incredible India" - M. Hossein Yarmohammadian, Dean of Medical management and Information faculty, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences,Isfahan, Iran


The AIMS - ICOQM is a great intellectual event wherein the research made by the scholars enriches the knowledge and it is an opportunity not to be missed for developing network with academic fraternity and industry. - Pankaj Trivedi, K. J. Somaiya Inst. of Management, Mumbai


Sir, it is nice to give my experience about the conference ICOQM -6 attended at IIM Indore. It was one of the most rememberable experience of my life, every thing was so well organized that I do appreciate the pains taken by the organisers. As far as hospitality was concerned, even though I was visiting Indore for the first time I did not feel so since I felt I was among my own people. The event was a brilliant blend of professionalism and organization. In spite of the large number of events every event was well organized and planned. - K.P.Mredula, Lecturer Mathematics, S.V.I.T Vasad


Thanks a lot for your mail informing about ICOQM-7. My first experience at ICOQM was at ICOQM-6 held at IIM, Indore. Highly professionally organized technical sessions, rich in content, supplemented by expert interactions, had been a memorable educative experience for me and it would definitely be so for all other participants. Even as an author/presenter, I derived great satisfaction due to high quality of participation and interaction. A great job indeed and a good share of credit goes to you! I enthusiastically look forward to a similar (in fact, still better) experience at Jaipur. - Sanjay Vij, SVIT, Vasad


It was a wonderful experience presenting a paper in international conference organized by IIM Indore. It was a dream come true experience of listening the experience and research of international scholars which can be very well practiced in industrial and social life. - Rakesh Jha, Gransim Industries Chemical Division


Attending the Indore conference was a very good experience -- wonderful picturesque location, eminent speakers from India and abroad, highly professional arrangement for the conference and above all personal attention by Prof. Gupta. The Pink City Jaipur is known for its hospitality and I am quite sure that the conference would be a grand success. - Anurag K. Agarwal, IIM, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad - 380015

I have attended the ICOQM conferences organised by Prof Om Gupta in India.  The conference is organized in a highly professional way and it has high research content in the papers.  I am particularly impressed by the rigour of some of the papers.  These are very useful conferences that can be attended by the scholars world wide.  Above all the hospitality of Indian people is something that can be cherished. - T Mallikarjunappa, Mangalore University


The ICOQM 6 at IIM Indore was in fact a high quality conference in terms of quality of papers presented, the keynote speakers and the overall organization. I hope ICOQM 7 shall be even a better and more wonderful learning experience for Indian management scholars. - Alok Pandey, IMT Ghaziabad


In my own experience in attending previous ICOQM conferences were very happy, because all papers in these conferences were very interesting sharing with people in other countries their points of view and their culture that it would be impossible to share them if there was no very good organization, including facilities, professionalism and support. This last issue was a very important matter for me, being a Mexican professor. - CARLOS E. ESCOBAR TOLEDO, FACULTAD DE QUÍMICA, CIUDAD UNIVERSITARIA, 04510, D.F. MÉXICO.


It is really nice to hear from you again. I appreciate for your invitation to join the conference. According to my schedule, I can not attend the ICOQM-7 conference this year.  Although I can not attend the conference this year, I would like to recommend the conference to others. The ICOQM conference is well-organized and worth to participate. The professionals can present the latest research and share their developments in the related fields. Thanks for organizing such a good conference for us. - Jung-Fa Tsai, National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan.


Thank you for inviting me to write something about the ICOQM 6 held in IIM Indore, the first International Conference that I attended. The entire organization of the conference was marvelous. The way AIMS International managed the 120 odd delegates with ease really struck my awe. On top of that I was amazed by the grandeur of the conference. But the best part was the Keynote sessions and the speakers invited for those sessions were really marvelous to listen to. I think I wrote more than two sentences, but I could have said a lot more. - Subhadip Roy, IIMT


I am so delighted to know about the venue of the next conference-Jaipur which is not only a beautiful city but a city in close proximity.  Attending AIMS conferences has always been an enlightening experience. It certainly provides a forum where like-minded people can meet. Under your aegis the organization part is just superb that is why I always want to be part of it. - Sangeeta Sharma, BITS, Pilani


ICOQM conference provides a good opportunity to meet international scholars particularly from Asia. The conference is well organized and reflects a good mix of professional and social activities. - Rakesh Sarin, Associate Dean, Uni. of California Los Angeles


Regarding my participation in a previous ICOQM meeting, I would like to say that it was a wonderful experience for me to share with researchers from all around the world. In particular, I presented a paper at the meeting held in Taiwan in 2003. It was my first time in an Asian country, so the meeting was also interesting to me from a cultural perspective. - Viviana Fernandez, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Chile, Santiago-Chile


The ICOQM-I Conference that was held at Jaipur, India on January 5-8, 1997 was among the first international management conferences to be held in India and it blazed a trail for several other conferences to choose India as an important conference venue. That conference, and all subsequent ICOQM conferences, were extremely well organized and a worthwhile experience to attend, or participate in, if you are in any way connected with academic peers from across the globe. The social events were well planned and great opportunities to network. Conference support personnel and volunteers have been extremely diligent in catering to conference attendees' needs and last-minute requests. Both the plenary sessions and the concurrent seminars offered valuable insight and information, making every moment at the conference an enriching experience for all scholars. . . an outstanding event. - Arvinder Loomba, San Jose State University


I have nothing but the highest praise for the impeccable organization and professionalism I witnessed at the last Jaipur conference. The service at the conference hotel was highly personalized and the conference sessions were well attended.  I had no less than Dr. karmarkar attend my session and that was truly great experience ... Ashok Kumar, Seidman College of Business, Grand Valley State University


It was an excellent meeting ground of management professionals from India
and abroad. Impressed by the arrangements that made the participation all
the more enjoyable. -
Balram Avittathur, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta.


It was an excellent first step in bringing Indian management scholars together.

The conference had a very friendly atmosphere and good interaction. - Anuradha Basu, San Jose Sate University, USA


Well planned and organized; IIMB was a very nice scholarly location for exchange of ideas; tea breaks facilitated professional interactions in a social setting; look forward to the next one at IIMC. - Chandra Bhatt, University of Texas at Austin, USA


Let me congratulate you on a great conference. It was organized very well and turned out to be more interesting than I had expected.- Sanjeev Bhojraj, Cornell University, USA


What a fine Institute the IIM Banglore is with International programmes and worldwide articulations and what a well organised conference they hosted. I was very impressed with the quality of papers and scholars from around the world. Congratulations! - Meena Chavan, University of Western Sydney, Australia


The accommodations: comfortable. The arrangements: seamless. The conference: thought-provoking. The opportunity to be a part of the first AIMS International Conference: priceless! - Linda Correll, University of Florida, USA


It is much needed excellent initiative. - Shubhra P. Gaur, Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad


For the first and inaugural attempt, I believe it has been definitely succeeded in bringing Indian management scholars together. - Appa Rao Korukonda, Bloomsburg University, USA


A good beginning has been made; there is an opportunity to broadbase it. - S. Suresh Kumar, Mindspark Consulting, Chennai


I told many from Bangalore that they missed this good opportunity to attend a good seminar. - T. Mallikarjunnappa, Mangalore University


A hearty congratulations on a singularly well-organized, exceptionally well-run and professionally satisfying conference, and the IIM-Bangalore venue was comfortable and edifying. If only all academic conferences were this well done! - George C. Mclemore, Univ. of Texas-Pan American, USA


AIMS has created a great platform for meeting of scholarly minds. All of us must now collaborate to take this initiative forward such that it can become a benchmark for academic conferences held in India. - Sourav Mukherji, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore


I have advised my colleagues who missed it this year to attend next year's without fail. I myself look forward to it eagerly. The conference gave me the much needed exposure to the academic community and get to know their thought process. - R. C. Natarajan, T.A. Pai Institute of Management, Manipal


Great conference; really enjoyed it. - Ram Pendyala, University of South Florida, USA


Great job, overall. I was much impressed with the arrangements as well as the professionalism with which the conference was conducted. - Mahesh Rajan, San Jose State University, USA


 It was a wonderful experience to meet great people from around the country and abroad. P.T. Raveendran, Kannur University


Thanks and Congratulations Professor Gupta! It was an excellent conference. It was a wonderful experience to meet scholars from all over the globe. - S. Chinnam Reddy, Director, S.K. Patel Institute of Management and Computer Studies, Gandhinagar


Let me congratulate you for organising a wonderful conference. It provided
an excellent platform for exchanging ideas with Indian management scholars
from all over the world. -
Janat Shah, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore


The AIMS Conference held in Bangalore last December is one of the best conferences I have ever attended.  The organizers left no stone unturned to make the Conference a tremendous success. Indeed, this Conference provides a benchmark against which all future conferences should be judged. I look forward to attending similar Conferences in the future. - Melkotte K. Shivaswamy, Ball State University, USA



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