- Website is open (March 21)

- Publishers have agreed to publish conference papers in following journals

    .. Intl Journal of Operations and Quantitative Mgmt

    .. AIMS International Journal of Management

    .. FOCUS: Journal of International Business

    .. MANTHAN: Journal of Commerce and Management

    .. PRAGATI: Journal of Indian Economy

    .. VISION: Journal of Indian Taxation

    .. MUDRA: Journal of Finance and Accounting

    .. Intl Journal of Business Insights and Transformation

    .. Intl Journal of Money Banking and Finance

    .. BULMIM Journal of Management & Research

    .. FIIB Businesws Review .. ..  ..  ..  .. (April 16)

- All submitted abstracts have been processed and communicated to authors (July 25)

- There is a system problem in abstract submission using online system (you may not receive mail). Please use template from http://www.icmis.net/ICMIS18/abstractform.doc and email to icmis@infoms.net (July 30)

- System for online abstract submission is up. You can use your previously assigned password and submit abstracts. (August 5)

- Abstract submission deadline is extended to August 31. Interested individuals are required to register for ICMIS while submitting abstract. (August 8)

- Abstract submission is closed now. All abstracts locked in online system are processed. In case of emergency, you can contact  through mail. ... (September 2)


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