Customer Perception of Online retailers in India

Surabhi Singh


The Factors of Organizational Role Stress Affecting the Stress Level of IT Employees in Nagpur City

Gayathri Band, Neeta V Shah. R Sriram


Herzberg Two Factor Theory among the Management Faculty in Nagpur City

Gayathri Band, Neeta V Shah. R Sriram


Impact of Digital Banking on Improvement in Customer Services

Narinder Kumar Bhasin, Anupama R


Case Study – Technology Innovation – Clearing Operations Management

Narinder Kumar Bhasin, Anupama R


How Technology Can Help To Enhance the Non-Profit Organization

A. Vennila


Case Study: Risk Management in International Banking Operations

R.C. Bhatnagar, Narinder Kumar Bhasin


Micro Finance – a Poverty Lens on Women’s Financial Inclusion

M. Arun Kumar


Strategic Clash for Ultra Mega Power Projects in India

Thomas Mathew


Management of Compliance Risk - Bills Discounting under L/C DA

R.C. Bhatnagar, Narinder Kumar Bhasin


A Study on Behavioural Competencies of the Z Generation

Meera Mathur, Shaheema Hameed


High Impact Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Growth of Emerging Indian Economy

K.S.S Rama Raju


A Case Study on Role of Youth Programmes in Environmental Stability

Shreya Singhvi


Role of Payment Banks and Small Banks in Achieving Financial Inclusion

Gaurav Taneja, Narinder Kumar Bhasin


Citizen Cards Benefits Based on Grey System Theory

Liu Yao, Michel Plaisent, James Ming-Hsun Chiang, Prosper Bernard


A Study to Analyse Dairy Business in Sangamner Taluka in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra: Farmer’s Perspective

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Persistence of Momentum and Contrarian Styles of Investors on Indian Bourse

Kiran Mehta, Renuka Sharma


Dynamic Interaction of FIIs/FPIs and Indian Stock Market

Renuka Sharma, Kiran Mehta


A Feasibility Study of the Implementation of Total Quality Management Base on Soft Factor

V.K. Susil Kumar


Asset Quality of Public Sector Banks in India- An Analysis



E-Banking: A Study of Employees’ Views on Its Efficacy

Anita Singh, Timira Shukla


Assessing Customer Delight an Essential Tool in Retail Sector

Leena Jenefa


A Study on Payment and Settlement System in Indian Banks

G. Parimalarani


Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy

Sudha Balasubramanian


Paradigm Shift in Training & Development

B. A. Anuradha


Employee Engagement in Indian Banking Sector: A Review of the Literature

Hitakshi Dutta, Sandhir Sharma


Strategy for Leveraging Competitiveness through Lean Six-Sigma Principles: A Case on Britannia

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How Predictive Analytics is Changing the Retail Industry

Monalisha Pattnaik, Manoj Kumar Behera


The Framework for Measuring the Process Manufacturing Performances; Focus on OEMs Industry

Benchaporn Phuangchampee, Manisra Baramichai