Browsing your Voice: A Review

Shalini Rajawat, Gaurav Bagaria


The Ever-Increasing Demand for Soft Skills at Workplace: A Study on IT Professionals’ Perspectives

Meenakshi Raman, Anjani Srikanth Koka


Digital Technology - Issues and Challenges for Management Education in India

Preeti Singh


Financial Inclusion: An Empirical Study of Banking Products

Timira Shukla, Anita Singh


Entrepreneurship and Ethics – Escalator to Indian Economic Excellence

Premalatha U. M.


Efficacy of Co-operative Bank in Davangere District

Anju G. S., J. K. Raju


DSS for Gap Analysis between the Motivational Preferences of Employees and Employers

Viral Nagori, Bhushan Trivedi


Understanding the Interlink Between Effective Organistaional Practices and Enhanced Employee Engagement for Improved Job Performance

Sangeeta S Kohli, Ritu Bhattacharyya, Kamlesh Kohli


A Study on the Extent of Governmental Barriers that Affects Export Performance - With Special Reference to Trippur Garment Export Firms

S. Beulah Mabel


Fitting of Logistic Regression Model for Prediction of Likelihood of India Winning or Losing in Cricket Match

Monalisha Pattnaik, Anima Bag


Perception of the Role and Responsibilities of CIOs in Japan

Michiko Miyamoto


If Warren Buffett Assess Thai Stock in 2015!



Pradhan Mantra Jan Dhan Yojana ( PMJDY) Mission 100 % Indian Financial Inclusion

Narinder Kumar Bhasin


Big Bank & New Banks: Challenges, Opportunity and Innovations in Indian Banking and Financial System

Narinder Kumar Bhasin