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Invited Sessions
We invite scholars to submit their proposal to organize invited sessions during the conference. Please send your proposal to aims6@aims-international.org by September 30, 2008.


What is an Invited Session?

       a)      An Invited Session is organized by a management scholar on a special topic of   his/her interest after receiving in invitation from the Conference-chair. Some examples are: Emotional Intelligence, Issues in Teaching Accounting, Internet Marketing, Outsourcing, HR issues in Auto Industry, Management Education, Multinational Business, Online Teaching, etc.

b)      He/she will invite scholars to submit abstract/paper for the Session. If the abstract/paper is found appropriate, he will accept the same in the Invited Session.

b)      An Invited Session should have 4 to 6 papers.

c)      Invited Session cannot have a paper in absentia.

d)      The session will be clearly identified as an Invited Session in the Conference Programme bulletin.

e)      Invited Session organizer will submit the complete session plan to the Conference Chairman by November 15, 2008. The session plan will have listing of papers, abstracts, and names of authors.

f)        It is expected that the scholar organizing the Invited Session would attend the conference, and chair the Invited Session.  If he/she cannot attend, he/she will identify a chair for the Invited Session.   

g)      All the participants attending the conference, including the speakers and organizer of the Invited Session, are required to follow the process of paper submission for the proceedings (in case they wish to publish) and pay the requisite registration fee, like  other conference participants.

h)        All Invited Sessions chairs will be explicitly recognized in the conference programme bulletin.

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