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   NOVEMBER 25, 2007


Contributed Papers
Scholars interested in presenting papers are requested to follow the guidelines below:
• A brief abstract (not exceeding 100 words) should be submitted online by November 25, 2007. It is however suggested to submit abstract at the earliest possible opportunity. The abstract should ideally be submitted by the author who intends to make presentation at the conference.
• There is a cap of a maximum two abstracts from one author. By submitting an abstract, the author makes a commitment to present his/her paper at the conference.
• The abstract should clearly indicate the contribution made by the paper to the existing body of knowledge.
• Names of authors, their addresses (postal and e-mail), and phone/fax numbers should also be indicated. Each abstract should have at least three keywords.
• Notification of accepted papers will be sent within two weeks of receipt of the abstract. All abstracts will be peer-reviewed. Abstracts that are written in poor style, with grammar problems, longer than 100 words, or do not clearly indicate the contribution made to the body of knowledge cannot be accepted.
• Papers adhering to prescribed requirements will be eligible for publication in the conference proceedings (in CD-ROM) subject to a page limitation. The deadline for submission of complete papers for consideration for the proceeding is November 25, 2007. Authors are not required to submit complete papers unless they are submitting for publication in the proceedings.
• One of the authors must pre-register for the conference within one week of acceptance to ensure inclusion of the paper in the conference program. Without pre-registration, papers cannot be included in the conference program. This is done to minimize no-shows at the conference.
• We intend to publish selected conference papers in a book format with an option to purchase.  Details will be posted on the web. For submitting a contributed paper, click: Online Submission.
For submitting a contributed paper, click: Online Submission.
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